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Basic Home Watch Services

Weekly Formal Inspections: $100/month

weekly interior/exterior inspections with detailed report 

Bi-Weekly Formal Inspections: $70/month

bi-weekly interior/exterior inspections with detailed report

"informal" exterior inspections conducted during off-weeks

Inspection fees will be itemized as follows:

  • formal (interior/exterior) inspection -- $25/visit

  • informal (exterior) inspection -- $10/visit

*The basic service fees above are for a typical month (some monthly totals may be higher or lower depending on the number of inspections occurring).​


Interior Inspection

  • Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism, or other disturbance

  • Check that all windows and entryways are secure

  • Check security system is set and working properly (if applicable) 

  • Visual inspection of all HVAC serviced areas for signs of pest or unusual insect activity 

  • Note any unusual odors

  • Visual inspection of walls, ceilings, windows, tubs, and showers for evidence of water damage, leakage, mold/mildew

  • Flush all toilets, run faucets, add cleaning agent (if applicable)

  • Check that temperature & humidity are within acceptable range

  • Check that freezers, refrigerators, and disposals are functioning

  • Visual check of hot water heater and AC pans

  • Add cleaning agent to AC drain line, change filter (if applicable)

  • Check fuse box for tripped breakers or evidence of power surge

  • Reset clocks as needed


Exterior Inspection

  • Ensure all entrances are secure

  • Visual check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage

  • Check outside faucets and hoses for leaks

  • Removal of newspapers, flyers, packages, mail, and any other evidence of non-occupancy

  • Visual inspection of roof and gutters from the ground

  • Visual inspection of pool (if applicable)

  • Visual inspection of lanai

  • Visual inspection of yard/landscaping to assure regular maintenance

  • Clear plant debris off driveway and sidewalks

  • Verify main water valve is off

  • Verify proper flow of AC drain line 

  • If requested, treat/remove weeds on back lanai (additional fee)


Detailed Reporting

  • Home watch inspection checklist report completed and emailed to homeowner after each formal inspection

  • Photos will be provided if there are any abnormalities or area(s) of concern

  • IMMEDIATE reporting by phone of any abnormalities found

*Please Note:

Detailed inspection reports will be completed and emailed after each formal inspection.  "Informal" inspections include exterior inspection only and will be conducted during the off-weeks for bi-weekly clients.

Additional Services:

Opening/Closing Services

Opening Services


  • Turn on main water valve

  • Flush hot water heater

  • Turn on ice-maker

  • Plug in electrical items

  • Set HVAC system to "HOME" setting

  • Open blinds/curtains

  • Raise lanai shutter(s)

  • Freshen bathrooms

  • Turn on electrical breaker to hot water heater

  • Move furniture back out to lanai

Closing Services 


  • Turn off main water valve

  • Empty/turn off ice-maker

  • Set HVAC system to "AWAY" setting

  • Unplug electrical items

  • Turn off electrical breaker to hot water heater

  • Move and store lanai furniture

  • Lower lanai shutter(s)

  • Check security of doors and windows

  • Set out trash/recycling if needed

*depends on time involved

Storm Preparation and Post-Storm Inspection Services

Pre-Storm Preparation & Shutter Installation


  • Ensure all furniture is inside or properly secured

Post-Storm Inspection & Shutter Removal 


  • Inspect property and look for visible signs of damage (photos and report provided if applicable)

*Please note: if possible, we do request all homeowners to close their hurricane shutters prior to departure during (or ahead of) hurricane season.  

*depends on shutter type and time involved

Auto/Golf Cart Care Services

General Maintenance


  • Vehicle battery tender setup and removal

  • Vehicle monitoring, starting, driving (bi-weekly or monthly)

Package Delivery

Concierge Services/Additional Maintenance Requests

  • Concierge services (receiving deliveries, forwarding mail, providing entry for service technicians, etc.) and additional maintenance requests  -- additional fee (prices will vary)

*Please note: if we discover your AC unit is off due to a clogged drain line, we will suction the drain line and make every attempt to troubleshoot the problem -- subject to additional fee for time involved

Interested in our HOME WATCH services? Here's what to do next:

Please feel free to CONTACT US anytime!  We will be happy to discuss our basic service package, additional services, and pricing with you.  We prefer meeting potential, new clients in person --after all you are entrusting us with the keys to your home and that's a big deal! 


Once you decide to list your property with us for home watch services, we'll email you an electronic "Home Watch Service Contract" to gather additional contact information, details about your property, and to outline the services we provide.  Once that is complete, we will schedule a time to meet with you, answer any questions you have, and pick up your keys.  It's that easy.

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